Wholesale Program

Offer DanceSafe Testing Kits in Your Store!

Each of our discounted wholesale products below contain ten resellable kits packaged individually with specific instructions and color charts. You can also mix and match thirty or more individual reagents (sets not included) and automatically receive 50% off on those reagents during checkout.

Save lives by becoming a testing kit reseller! We recently revamped our wholesale program to offer four harm reduction products specifically designed for retail stores. Our reseller MDMA testing kits, LSD testing kits, Cocaine testing kits, and Fentanyl testing strips (10-pack) come ten per product packaged in clear plastic bags for easy display and inventory management. These are the same kits we sell directly to consumers on our website, except with retail packaging and wholesale pricing.  There are ten kits per product.

What Do I Need to Do?

You can begin purchasing right now using the product links below. If you have any questions, or if you prefer to order by phone, please call our wholesale manager, Emanuel, at 888-636-2411 (extension 17). You can also email him at eman [at] dancesafe.org. We pride ourselves in fast, responsive service for our resellers.

Product Links

Click here to view all our wholesale products together on one page.

Drug Education Posters

We also have beautifully designed posters. Buy them for $10 each and resell them for $20. All our posters were created by Oakland artist and graphic designer Jason Justice. Attractive artwork combined with non-judgmental, fact-based information on the benefits and risks of each drug.

What About Our Other Kits?

We currently offer eight reagent kits on our website. By using various combinations of these kits, it is possible to identify the presence of many new psychoactive substances (NPS’s) on the illicit market. However, it was often too difficult for resellers to explain to customers which kits they need to identify which drugs, and too difficult to manage inventory. That’s why we simplified our wholesale product line with the four products you see above. Nonetheless, if you would like to purchase individual testing kits at wholesale prices, you still can. Mix and match thirty or more individual reagents (sets not included) and automatically receive 50% off on those during checkout. All individual reagents come with full instructions and an extended color chart like the one below.