#TestIt Alert Issued for General Public

#TestIt Alert Issued for General Public

By: Madalyn McElwain, Deputy Director, DanceSafe

We have received a user-submitted #TestIt Alert regarding a substance purchased on the dark web. A white crystalline powder was sold as Isopropylphenidate, a synthetic stimulant, in an airtight bag with “Isopropylphenidate” printed on it. The substance was tested using the Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin, Froehde, and Liebermann reagents, fentanyl test strips, mass spectrometry, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy. The sample tested positive for Isopropylphenidate and fentanyl analogues furanyl norfentanyl* and 4-ANPP**.

While there is a general belief that substances purchased on the dark web are pure, or at least less adulterated that those purchased in person, this is a stark reminder that no unregulated criminal market is free from adulteration or misrepresentation–always, always test your substances before consuming, no matter where it was sourced from.

This instance also demonstrates the importance of using both reagents and fentanyl test strips when conducting drug checking for all substances. Remember, fentanyl and its analogues are lethal at small doses. You can learn more about how to use fentanyl test strips here, and you can purchase your DanceSafe drug checking kit here.

If you test a misrepresented substance, please submit it to testit@dancesafe.org to be featured in a #TestIt Alert.

Since 1998, DanceSafe has been keeping the electronic music and nightlife communities safe. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we provide free harm reduction services at music festivals and nightlife events across the nation. All proceeds from the sales of our drug checking kits go back into the organization so we can continue to provide our services in our communities for free. By purchasing a kit, you are not only helping keep you and your friends safe, you are also contributing to the harm reduction movement. Thank you for your support!

*Furanyl norfentanyl (hydrochloride) is an analytical reference material that is structurally similar to known opioids. It is a known metabolite of furanyl fentanyl.

**4-ANPP is an analytical reference material categorized as a piperidinamine. It is an intermediate in the synthesis of fentanyl from N-phenethyl-4-piperidone (NPP).1 As such, 4-ANPP may be used as a precursor for the manufacture of fentanyl and related opioids. 4-ANPP is also an impurity found in fentanyl preparations. It is a known metabolite of acetyl fentanyl, butyryl fentanyl, furanyl fentanyl, acrylfentanyl, and fentanyl.

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