DanceSafe Announces Party in Place Partnership with the Zendo Project

DanceSafe Announces Party in Place Partnership with the Zendo Project

By: DanceSafe Staff

In a world where the in-person events and festivals we know and love have come to a halt, we want you to know that it’s okay to not be okay.

To support our hard stricken supporters, DanceSafe is teaming up with our friends over at the Zendo Project under Party in Place to offer free Event Industry Peer Support Groups for our supporters currently or recently employed or contracted (part-time or full-time) within the event, festival, nightlife, and music industries whose livelihood has been impacted by COVID-19.

Event Industry Peer Support Groups will be held weekly starting May 15th and will last 2 hours. Groups will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants to allow space for all to be heard and supported. The groups will be open, meaning that individual attendees will change on a week by week basis. All sessions will be facilitated by Zendo Project staff and volunteers and are opportunities for Event and Festival staff to come together to share experiences in a community format.

Due to overwhelming need and limited organizational capacity, we will be rolling out applications for three defined tiers of supporters who will be eligible to participate in these services.

Interested in participating or more information about Event Industry Peer Support Groups? Learn more here.

The Zendo Project’s peer support services are not a substitute for medical, psychological, psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, or advice. Event participants utilizing the Zendo Project’s digital peer support services do so at their own risk and are fully responsible for their own acts, behaviors, and the consequences of those acts and behaviors. The Zendo Project’s peer support services do not offer a guarantee or warranty regarding the results or reliability of the information obtained through its services.

Do not disregard or delay seeking professional advice because of the availability of services offered by the Zendo Project. If you are in a crisis or if you or any other person may be in danger or experiencing a mental health emergency, immediately call 911 (USA) or your local emergency resources. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please seek medical attention.


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